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Blue Wife (青女房)Did you know?

Blue Wife (青女房), the Shiyan Toriyama, "continued one hundred demons Huatu Housing", Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture Matsui Collection Paperback Emaki "scandalous scene," the specter of the dissolution of the Edo period in Japan and so on.

Depicted in blue have a fan in his bloodshot eyes woman. "Wives blue" is also a term for a woman debilitated forces from overwork, redness of eyes it is reminiscent.

Fans also seek our meaning in the blood "Laugh (falling a)" is mired in poverty but much work "immediately Africa poverty 'from leading to, there is a theory with a kind of monster-like god of poverty.

Muromachi also Emaki "scandalous scene," are drawn to the dissolution of the maid of honor, this is also referred to as models.Comparative motor-assisted bicycles