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karakasa kozou (paper umbrella boy)Do you know?

Japan has now become hot for the summer and warm nights, there is a cool custom lead a hearing ghost stories. So today I will introduce karakasa kozou (paper umbrella boy)

karakasa kozou (paper umbrella boy) is the specter of Japan has changed the old umbrella.

karakasa kozou (paper umbrella boy) is characterized by a boy from the poor do not, especially bouncing around the house after dark, knock out a big red tongue and people meet.

In the presence of this annoying enough, but because it does not directly harm, in the presence of dissolved is low risk.

The tools used in human life in the spirit of Japanese culture, changes with age becomes older (strange gain) may have the idea of ​​having the ability to. Sending and I give this idea in Japanese folk beliefs.

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