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Nopperabou(のっぺらぼう)Did you know?

Nopperabou (Fang spatula) is apparently normal people, but generally, to face the specter of Japan is not the eyes nose mouth.

Lafcadio Hearn's "ghost" in the "Mujina 'stories are famous. Nopperabou itself does not exist, "Ghost" as it was garbled in Nopperabou the badger, and badger, fox, garbled often said to be alarming for animals such as raccoons.

4 years Meiwa (1767) Collection of ghost "stories one hundred new" to the riverbank Article in Kyoto (near the bridge Article Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto), the monsters do not and mouth shape to face "Perihou painted" appears, this the clothes of those who were hit by this also says nothing had been deposited thick hair, there is a depiction is reminiscent of some beast that was garbled.
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