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Aka ei(赤えい)

Aka ei(赤えい) is a collection of the Edo era anecdote "story one hundred books" in the giant fish. The original is "red fish in the UK (our changing Inou a)" is listed under the name.

Awanokuni (south end of the current Chiba) The ship sailed from Nojimazaki, and I was floating in the ocean and lost in the Dafeng has seen close to the island. Relieved sailors survived and is now received the ship landed. However, no one is even looking where it overlooks the contrary, on the rock Shigeri strange vegetation and algae are taking their treetops.

The gap in the rocks around are inhabited by fish. Li walked but a few can not even find people homes, and heal the thirst, but at least puddles, puddles which also did not drink seawater.

After all, ask for help back to the ship gave up and left the island, however, that until now there was the island sank into the ocean. This fact, and that it had emerged to the surface Aka ei(赤えい) .