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Akago(赤子), the Nagano prefecture, Yamato (Nara prefecture) transmitted to the monster. Or Scrolls lysis poet Buson Yosa Emaki "Buson Youkai Emaki(蕪村妖怪絵巻)" monster in. Each has a different tradition.

Nagano baby
One of the three lakes in the city of Omachi Nishina, is said to be living in water of Lake Kizaki. But looks like a man about 11 years old or 12 years, red like a newborn baby, as the name suggests, it seems symptomatic hair. Although the deficit may be seen hiding in the water by fishermen, especially that harm humans, he said.

Yamato baby country
Picture Scroll of the Meiji era ghost "picture scroll of the garbage can" (author unknown) The "Do baby" has been written entitled. Shun anyone had a house known as ghost houses where there. I stayed in the house to see the identity of the ghost in the swashbuckler, from behind a sliding door in the night, heard a sound like someone is dancing. And peek, and dancing like a newborn baby, yet steadily increased the number, eventually reaching even hundreds. Swashbuckler, but pay particular times and cut hands to us, had a hand in Sukun. In a helpless, that their baby has disappeared with the dawn.
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