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Blue monk (青坊主)Did you know?

Blue monk (青坊主) is a Japanese monster. Shiyan Toriyama's art book "Huatu scandalous scene" appears to be also appear in the folklore of various parts of Japan, has different aspects.
On the blue monk tradition, there are several theories and the local lore.

Pine term, appeared to stop breathing when around seven, "a stepping stone, a folding pine" telling.
Once, a large carp mainly lived on the edge term, it began a rampage is caught in a human, say this planted pine trees and calm the villagers big carp.

The sunset of spring wheat and the children running back home late, the child is said to steal the blue monk appeared from the wheat fields to conceal children} stand there at dusk in the spring.

Okayama Prefecture
The blue body color, the specter of large shaved or wearing a blue dress. Occurrence of such vacancy. Karuta monsters to "the garbage out between Slew" is portrayed as.

Child shaved the wife was wearing. Appearing before a human to make an offer to take sumo. A small but apparently real, because God really is embarking on its appearance in the wrestling off guard, sisters are thrown quickly, it could even be exposed to danger of life.

Appeared in front of women "brought the neck" and make an offer. Refuse would be gone, and said nothing has been ignored, we knocked the woman shaved blue hanging attacking force, would make it really hanging.

In addition to these, in the town Minabe Hidaka-gun Wakayama called out the shaved blue big blue and town in Jinshan County, Onuma, Fukushima Prefecture shaved blue transformation of the weasel, in Hiroshima Prefecture and Gifu appeared shaved blue transformation of the raccoon were called. Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture in detail the story of a priest is not clear blue.