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Warai onnan (Woman laughing)Did you know?

Warai onnan (Woman laughing) has Guoshan Tosa (now Kochi Konan) transmitted to the monster.

Monster Scrolls seen the work of the late Edo period from the early Meiji Era, "Tosa ghost books" have written. Day of each month, 9 days, which met on 17 and into the mountains, was said to become half dead.

At one point, ignore a performer who related this legend Higuchi, his servants and upon entering the mountain, were laughing about pointing a female performer of about 17 or 18 years.

Laughter increases gradually, around the stone, vegetation, water, laughter roared and laughed as if even the wind. 逃Ta performer who is in a hurry about.

Although servants fainted at the foot, performer relationship was somehow safe return. Performer is about to die, that laughter is still heard Itaiu
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