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Red foot (赤足)Did you know?

Red foot (赤足) is one of Japan's monster.

Ghost is said to be resistant to the feet of people walking Matowaritsui way to go, shiwakushotou in Kagawa Prefecture, it appears that such a stiff leg Tsuji red trail.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, tangled in the legs that give people a kind of cotton without showing the figure in the mountains.

State Hachinohe city Mutsu (Hachinohe, Aomori present), the red hand appears like a child from the tree of Saikachi "child one hand," There is a tradition of monster, Sato naturalist book of life "ghost current national dictionary, "the legs are red with ghost child paired with one hand this is also the specter of the kind described with one hand and the child.
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