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Wanyudou(輪入道) is the specter of Shiyan Toriyama art book, "Past and Present Huatu followed one hundred demons" in the specter of Kyoto.

Figure is drawn with a man's face as the center of the wheel of a cow into flames, the statement mentioned in Remarks below.

Wanyudou(輪入道) of oysters in the paper and from the house and the village of my mother who wins souls 此所勝母の里 see it lose the goodwill stops at the wheel Guriarikuari how 大入道 neck with the barrel to and there'll be no closer to press it to the door

Tires priest went off I saw the souls of their "「此所勝母の里」" and put the door of the house and wrote a paper Juhu, it means the priest can not be approached Tires . "「此所勝母の里」" is a disciple of Confucius is the founder of the Confucianist CéngZi China's "win" mother of my mother go to a Sato wins hated the name "『史記』", "「鄒陽列伝」"is derived from anecdotes in
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