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Red Head (赤頭)

Red Head (赤頭) is transmitted to the ghost story, Tottori Prefecture. Or transmitted in Kochi monster.

Ghost in Tottori Prefecture
In the past, red head in the village of Nawa-gun, Tottori Prefecture Saihaku (Atama subfamily) was named man of the force proud. Steroids that were about 12 rice bags to carry bales together.

I was using a head rest when the red Kannon, the boy appeared about four or five years, with bare pillars stabbing spike Kannon. Curious what 力Mo while its future is withdrawn and I think the nails by hand, put a nail eventually started playing repeatedly pull. Moreover, let alone bare a closer look, that was only using one finger.

Kochi specter
"Known" red and read. He Agawa-gun country live torrent Tosa (Kochi prefecture town of the county if present) transmitted to the monster. Shine like the sun is red hair, and eyes that have seen much too bright. The specter of a walk on two legs, feet that are often invisible and hidden in the grass, such as Kaya grass, it never harm people.
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