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Gagoze (がごぜ)

Gagoze (がごぜ), the ghost is said to be appearing in the Asuka period Nara Prefecture 元興寺. Heian Period, "Niponreiiki『日本霊異記』" "Honchoumonzui『本朝文粋』" the story seen in the literature, such as , the Shiyan Toriyama "Gazu hyakukiyakou「画図百鬼夜行」" in the dissolution of the classic, such as the devil in the shape of a monk depicted in the figure.

Minda time of the Emperor. Ala Li Yuzhi country disfigurement Owari Province (near Nagoya city, Naka-ku Gudu present) to farmers, and have fallen along with the thunder of lightning form of a child. Tried to kill a cane farmer. Crelle was thunder as it helps give back life, give the child said strong as thunder. Farmers and make a boat at the request of the Thunder, went back to the skies with thunder thunder ride it.

Farmer's wife eventually gave birth to a child in a child of Raijin say. It is wrapped with a snake head, a strange figure that was hanging on the back of the head to head and tail. Steroids have been born as someone says Thunder, at the age of 10, boasts a famous king of the royal power was about one and win a contest of strength for. This child later became the simultaneous Gangouji(元興寺).
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