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Akateko (赤手児)

Akateko (赤手児), the country town Mutsu Hachinohe (Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture at present) transmitted to the monster.

Saikachi from old trees in front of the elementary school, which has issued a monster hand like a child just as the name suggests red.

The roots of this tree may appear the figure of 17 and 18 years of kimono-clad beauty, is said to have fever when they took on the appearance that the eye. The root of the tree or "Wakamiya Shrine," a shrine there named, whether the child has one arm and girls in relation to this shrine has not been disclosed.

Book of life Sato researcher monster "Encyclopedia monster nationwide current" in "Agateko" has been mentioned in the name of which is supposed to be paired with a foot red monster that discourage walking people in Fukushima Prefecture and Kagawa . Some theories of the same kind of monsters and red legs.
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