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Kamaitachi(鎌鼬) is often conveyed in the local ghost Koshinetsu of Japan, was to cause it or grotesque. Appeared riding a whirlwind, two-handed slash to the people, such as sickle claws. Undergoes a sharp wound, no pain.

People off the evil wind is transmitted to the central Kinki region and other regions. This tradition is often snowy region, especially the storm itself, "Kamaitachi" also referred to as local. Fold the cold wind blowing, etc., and those receiving this solution as a cut wound to the foot by a colon.

Shin-Etsu region, Kamaitachi is good to be the work of the devil, there is a popular belief that this misfortune to meet and go through the calendar. Echigo also counted as one of the seven wonders.

In the Northeast when injured by Kamaitachi was said to be attached to the wound heal and then charring the old calendar.

Nyukawa Hida River Basin in the devil is in the three owners, who beat the first God, the God of the next cut with a knife, no blood to go with the third god of medicine, and also not hurt that much of he allegedly featuring. This parent-child Mikami, is also considered a weasel brother Region.

Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture in the region, and their bites are visible to the human or Mai, a fall, a large open mouth meat, but not the blood.

Iizuna in eastern Aichi (and size) is also called, because I taught the disciples used to seal the Iizuna Iizuna once he hit the people that ride the whirlwind to suck the lifeblood Iizuna away. There is no bleeding in the wound Kamaitachi is also referred to breathe because of the blood.