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Japanese spirit Zipangu

The Japanese spirit Zipangu, we believe that hope to travel around Japan to help as a guide through the legendary monster.

Here the spirit of the age-old Japanese monster also through. Japanese are also all of the old world, there is life, we believe that God is.

We believe that the monster lurking at all to do so. That is the monster seems to harbor life appeared in the world and the signs of old vessels.

Now drawn in favor of the late Kamakura period and also North and South Dynasty. ,

There are around Japan's legendary monsters like us. When traveling in Japan, please help mystery tour of Japan with reference to Japanese spirit Zipangu.

Rashoumon no Oni (羅生門の鬼)

Rashoumon no Oni (羅生門の鬼) is said to be demons to save the city gates were the front gate of Heian-kyo Luo.

The anode of the Heian period, "Rashomon," which appeared in such

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Akaname(あかなめ), the specter of the Edo period by Toriyama Sekien art book "Hyakuki yakou" the specter of the Japanese and so on. Eat and lick the dirt that accumulated in the bathtub or bath.

Depicted in his long tongue out near the bathroom. No explanation for any statements or monster was drawn to what is intended to be a matter of speculation, this ghost story of the Edo period, "Kokon Hyakumonogatari Hyouban" is "Akaneburi" dissolution of In the description, it is estimated that Akaname(あかなめ)and I painted the "Akaneburi".